2016 Rio Olympics

190 By: Dakari Johnson, Staff Writer

               Every four years the Olympic Games are held in different locations, and for 2016, the Olympics were in Rio de Janeiro. The Olympics is a major sporting event for all the countries around the world. There were 207 countries with over 11,000 athletes competing. The most watched events were track and field, soccer, gymnastic, and volleyball. Village Christian Academy students especially liked basketball, track and field, beach volleyball and gymnastics.

               “I like track and field because it shows who’s the fastest and most athletic,” Simmons said.

               The gold medal winners for 100 meter and 200 meter races in track and field were Usain Bolt and Elaine Thompson, both representing Jamaica. The USA Men and Women’s basketball teams won the gold medals, with the Men’s defeating Serbia and Women defeating Spain. American women won the gold medal for gymnastics and Simon Biles took gold in all around.  Brazil men won the gold medal for indoor volleyball and China for the women. USA won the gold medal for swimming and Spain for the women.

               United States finished with the most medals for the fifth consecutive year with a total of 121 medals.  46 gold, 37 silver and 38 bronze medals. The 2020 Olympics games will be held in Tokyo, Japan.

Olympics Games Medal Count (Top 5)


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