My Perspective

200 by: Vicky Yan, Staff Writer
               As a new student at Village Christian Academy,  I  am experiencing a different school life from my past in China . In this new school, I have  met a lot of American friends. I think that most of the students at Village are very kind and nice.  In China, my classmates and I usually would have a lot of notes to take during the class and to listen to  what the teacher said. But here, the  class work is more interesting and is really difficult for me. I think it’s probably  because of the language problem. I believe as the time goes on, everything will turn out well.
               I think  all the subjects are very interesting and the teachers are very nice too. I  love them but some of the subjects  are really hard for me, like PEL and weight training,  so I changed my weight training period into the journalism. I  think it’s better now because I think this will be helpful to my writing, and also the one that sits beside me helps me a lot.She is from Taiwai, but her English is much better than mine.
               In most of the classes, my seatmate will help me passionately, but as an Asian people we sometimes seem more shy than the others. Some of the reason is because I can’t tell what they are talking about. I think that is really embarrassing when somebody talks to you a lot and you just keep saying ”what?” so I think the only thing I can do is try my best to learn it.
Editor’s Note: Vicky Yan is from China and is a new student at Village.  We have left this article in her voice to give the reader a better understanding of Vicky’s experiences.

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