As a Journey begins, another ends

213 214 by: Abby Brooks and Haley Danis, Staff Writers

               Soon after the new year began, Village students starting kindergarten walked into a journey they will continue the rest of their lives. As for seniors, their grade school journey’s time has come to the end of the road.  Something new and unknown is always nerve racking for kindergartners and their parents. Thankfully, every year the senior class has the buddy program.

               Seniors began by meeting their buddies on the playground during high school lunch in August.  From there, relationships were built and began to grow as each started their first and last year journey together as a whole.

               “When I first met my kindergarten buddy I was nervous at first, thinking Christian Russell was shy and quiet. Instead, we bonded well and it almost seemed as if we had the same personality!” Caleb Russell exclaimed.

               Russell’s favorite memory with his Kindergarten Buddy was making him feel like he was floating as he stood over a vent, picking him up as high as his head.  Spending time with each other as the year goes on during school and outside of school creates a special bond.

               “Jarel and I talked about hanging out on the weekends and going to Fun Fun Fun together,” Josh Haymer voiced.

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