Back Home

209 by: Levi Weiser, Staff Writer

Miss Chelsea Parnell is Village Christian Academy’s newest high school guidance counselor for the 2016-17 school year. Settling into a job like that would be difficult for most people, but Parnell is already comfortable. In fact, she started her journey here in second grade and graduated in 2010, only to return as a substitute teacher. Parnell is very passionate about the school, and wants to stay as long as she can.

“I want to make VCA a place where students WANT to come every day,” she says, “I want to build a good reputation with the students, and help them be successful beyond Village.”

Parnell didn’t expect to even be in this job when she was in high school. She planned to train in physical therapy, but God had his plan for her, and He guided Parnell right back to Village.

Parnell, photocred: L.Weiser

She’s enjoying her first year, stating “It’s been busy, but great! I’m learning a lot.”

Parnell said, “home,” would be the one word to describe Village. Village should feel like home to everyone, and making it feel like home starts with a good staff.

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