Do you fear the Friday assembly?



by: Mary Beth Brock and Haley Danis, Staff Writers

               With a new principal in town, many different rules and ideas are brought into play. Mr. Mehegan came with the ideas of gum in class, chapel on Tuesdays and Friday morning assemblies.  With the addition of many fresh ideas, students are adapting and learning how to handle the change – the biggest of which has been the addition of the Friday Morning Assembly.

               “I feel that it gives us the chance to come together as a student body and gives me the opportunity to share with all of my students,” said Mehegan.  He believes that the morning assembly presents the chance for students and teachers to communicate more.

               Some students are unsure about the extra ten minutes. “It’s weird because it is basically the same thing as morning announcements,” sophomore, Aubrey Griffin, remarked.

               On the other hand, there are some students who find the assemblies beneficial, such as Grace Wilson. She says she processes the information better at the assembly, but wishes it was at 8:00 a.m. instead of 7:50 a.m.

               Some teachers have these same thoughts as well. They think it is a valuable time because it’s the only other time everyone can meet together besides chapel. Mr. Villalobos expressed his opinion that the students are more alert and awake in the mornings than at chapel.

               “It doesn’t bother me since I’m already here early, but I can see the inconvenience for the seniors with no morning class,” commented Villalobos, one of the high school science teachers.  

Students, f
ace your fears. The Friday morning assemblies are here to stay.


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