Impacting students through Chapel

by Maddie Mehegan, Staff Writer 216

At Village Christian Academy, the chapel team plays an important role in planning, organizing and making the year’s chapels great. The two main parts of the team consist of the students who plan and organize the chapels and those on the praise team. Both parts of the team work hard in everything they do to help chapels impact students in as many ways as possible.

At the beginning of the school year, the chapel team went on the leadership retreat at Camp Dixie, where they were able to gather together to get ready for the upcoming chapels. The team had the opportunity to brainstorm and plan for the chapels, while they also participated in fun games, worship and getting into God’s word. Both parts of the chapel team were able to gather ideas to help change the lives of students as much as possible through chapel.

Several students tried out at the beginning of the school year and the select few who made the cut hopped right into practicing and planning for upcoming chapels. Practices are held Thursday mornings at 7:15 a.m., where the team runs through songs and plans. Jocelyn Cayton, a freshman and leader on the high school chapel praise team, expressed her desire for the praise team to reach students through worship.

“I want God to work through the music. I want the student body to be revived,” Cayton explained.

As Village hopped into the new school year, a minor change was made to the high school chapel schedule:  High school chapels are now held in the sanctuary on Tuesdays instead of Wednesdays. Because of this, a position opened up in the tech booth and Mr. Saul Villalobos, Village’s high school chemistry teacher, stepped up and filled it. Mr. Villalobos is now in charge of the lighting and sound for chapel.

“Since high school chapel was moved to Tuesdays, we needed someone who was good with technology, so I decided to help out,” Mr. Villalobos said.

Village’s first high school chapel of the 2016-17 school year was held Tuesday, September sixth  in the sanctuary. High school principal, Mr. Shawn Mehegan, talked about his story and how God has a different story for all of us. Students around campus reported that they thoroughly enjoyed it and considered it a spectacular way to kick off this year’s chapels. Freshman, Tessa Milton is a new student at Village this year and declared that the first chapel of the school year was a relaxing opportunity to escape from the classroom and learn more about God. The chapel team’s goal is to change the lives of students through chapel, and that is exactly what Milton is hoping to get out of it.

Milton said, “I would like chapel to impact me in a positive way so that I can leave Village at the end of the year with new information about the Lord and how he can change our lives for the better.”

The high school students of Village hope to have many more chapels like this first one throughout the year.

Chapel Team at Camp Dixie


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