180 by: Dae Dae Simmons, Staff Writer

               Russell Stone, better known as Coach Stone, is new to the private school scene. Stone is the new head coach for the Village Christian Academy football team and weight lifting teacher.

               “The last school I coached at was J.M. Roberson in Concord, NC and I was the offensive coordinator there. Before that, I was the head coach at Douglass Byrd High School in Fayetteville,” Stone said. “I wanted to just be back home where the majority of my family lives”.

               Stone explained why he wanted to come and be a part of Village.  “I came to Village because I wanted to run my own program, plus I wanted to move back home to Fayetteville,” he said. “We are coming around; they have learned what my staff expects on a daily basis,” Stone said.

               Stone seems very comfortable with his team and what they are capable of achieving. As a coach known for winning state championships, Stone has high expectations for this year’s football team.

               “I have one state championship in baseball and two in football,” Stone said. “A state championship is what our staff is looking to accomplish this year and, of course, to put our kids into college”.

               This year a lot is being expected out of Coach Stone. Keep a lookout to hear from him more throughout this fall.

Coach Russell Stone


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