Welcome, Carson Young

205 by: Ryan Helms, Staff Writer

               Carson Young is a new 11th grade student at Village Christian Academy. He is the son of Patrick and Dawn Young, and has two sisters Kaitlyn and Skylar Young. He was born right here in Fayetteville on July 20, 1999, and has lived here his entire life.

               During the summer, Young played showcase baseball for the team “Rock Solid,” where he played at colleges all over the Carolinas, such as Coastal Carolina. He plays pitcher and “Super Utility” which in his words means that, “I am so good at every position that I can play everywhere.”


               Also, during the summer, he attends workouts at 12 Lions Cross Fit Gym. Over the summer, Young and his parents decided that it was best for him to leave Terry Sanford and attend Village in order to get a great education. This year, Young will be taking bible, geography, english 4, advanced functions, american history 2, weightlifting, life skills success 101 and career management. He said, “I think all my classes are great, but Mr. Kiebler is pretty crazy.” He plans to try out for the bowling and baseball team at Village.

               Young mentioned that there were a few differences between Village and Terry Sanford, such as the uniform policy, class schedule, and how Village revolves around Christianity. If you ever see Young in the halls or in class make sure you give him a warm welcome, and help him with whatever he needs here at Village Christian Academy. Young is really looking forward to this school year and plans to finish with great grades and a whole bunch of new friends.

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