Knights get a comeback victory

By Emery Simmons, staff writer  180

The first quarter started off in a dead heat with each team giving up little ground to the other. Metrolina Christian Academy scored a touchdown first off a one yard run, they then attempted, and failed, a two point conversion. A couple drives later, Village answered with 64-yard fumble recovery with a missed extra point to tie the game at six at the end of the first half.

     The second quarter opened up with Metrolina marching down the field, capping off their drive with a seven-yard pass with a missed extra point.  Village was still having trouble to gain any momentum and had a couple of stalled drives. Metrolina finished the quarter with a rushing touchdown from the one-yard line, and had a successful two point attempt.

     In the second half the knights came out rolling. The defense was led by Kaleb Bowen who had 11 tackles and Darwin Frett who had 10 tackles a piece.  During the second half, the defense held Metrolina’s offense scoreless throughout the rest of the game. After the defense did their job, the offense followed right behind them. Caleb Russell completed 12 of 16 passes for 169 yards and three touchdowns.

     All of his touchdown passes were thrown to sophomore wide receiver, Emery Simmons. Simmons had 134 receiving yards and three touchdowns to help put the knights on top. The knights also had help from freshman running back and linebacker, Chavon McEachern who had two touchdowns on that night. The knights came back to win the game 32-20, which now put their record 4-1 this season.

Another touchdown run by Simmons. photocred: K Pait 
Russell completes a pass. photocred: K Pait

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