A Royal Knight

By Haley Danis and Mary Beth Brock, staff writers

Spirit Week is a very eventful time at Village. Each grade participates in many different competitions and games that all lead up to the winner of the spirit stick. When the week comes to a close, the homecoming football game and court take place out under the lights.

When halftime began, the freshmen class was the first to walk across the field with their escorts under a slight mist from the upcoming storm, Hurricane Matthew. The prince and princess for the class of 2020 were Leighton Blue and now former student, Eternity Mejia, who moved shortly after the ceremony to California.

Dawson Batts and Lily Poulos were announced the sophomore class prince and princess, followed by a hearty applause from their classmates. For the juniors, Jack Hilbert and Rebecca Murray were named prince and princess. Finally, the king and queen for 2016 school year were Daniel Israel and Sam Spooner.

“It’s neat because all of your peers voted for you. I felt very loved!” Spooner remarked.

When all the events and competitions were over and the king and queen of 2016 were crowned, all friends and families cheered for the royal court.

2 thoughts on “A Royal Knight

  1. The homecoming game was fun to watch, but I was so excited to see the homecoming court walk out on the field (and not only because my best friend Rebecca was on court 🙂 It definitely was a fun night for everyone participating


  2. I loved watching the homecoming game, but I was even more excited to see my best friend Rebecca on the court! It sure was a fun night watching everyone walk out and dressed all nice.


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