Spirit Relay

By Ryan Helms, Staff Writer  205

For the first day of the class spirit games, one contestant from each grade competed in a relay race in order to earn points to win the spirit stick. The spirit relay took place at the Courtyard during lunch. Participating in the relay race was Emma Dudak (freshman), Patrick Rowel (sophomore), Levi Wieser (junior), and Michael Brown (senior).

First, the contestants had to hop across the courtyard in a pillow sack, throw on a Village uniform and run back across to put all their supplies successfully in a book bag. Finally with their book bag on, they had to drink a whole carton of orange juice, run back to hit their buzzer.

In the beginning of the race, Rowel and Brown were neck and neck with Wieser and Dudak was closing in. Then, as the contestants made it to the dress up part of the race, Dudak struggled, leaving Wieser and Brown to take the lead with Rowel shortly behind them. Next was the book bag challenge, where Wieser took a slight lead over Brown, leaving Rowel struggling to pack his book bag.

Rowel said, “I just couldn’t fit the 4 inch binder in my bag.”

Sprinting to the final challenge, Brown and Wieser chugged their orange juices as quickly as they could, knowing that they were both neck and neck. In the end, it was Wieser who got the upper hand and taking first place for the junior class. Brown came in close second, followed by Rowel in third and Dudak in last.

After the race, Wieser said, “I am so excited to represent the junior class, and get the first win of the games.”

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