Spirit Week Cancellations

By Mac Humphrey, staff writer
The hallway decorating competition and Super Hero Vs. Super
Villain day have both been canceled due to Hurricane Matthew. Students opinions about the cancellations have ranged from disappointment to anger and even relief. There seems to be some hard feelings from the Junior class, which has been rumored to have spent over $1,000 on decorations. Reagan Carstens, a Junior at VCA, confirmed the rumor in an interview.
Although Carstens declined to answer when first asked about the expenses, she said
this after the rumor was brought up,“Yes, we probably spent at least $1,000 on the hallway decorations and our class float combined.”
As to why Carstens was so committed to putting such large amounts of time and
money into it, she says, “I think school spirit is really important, and I wanted our grade to be able to feel proud about the amount of hard work we put into our decorations.”
Carstens reported being very sad when she heard that the hallway competition was
cancelled, “We put a lot of hard work into the decorations, and to have that squashed was really disappointing.”
Hurricane Matthew caused mass destruction in many places, and it is important to
remember all of the more severe damage that has been done. The focus should be on helping all the people who are in need and who have lost so much in the hurricane.

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