Unexpected Underdogs

By Jordyn Stanley, Staff Writer 202

The seniors had a head start for powder puff because they were practicing more than any of the other grades. Very prepared, they headed into the games confidant and collected; ready to take the win against any team they played. Unfortunately, the outcome wasn’t so. The seniors were head to head with the sophomores and, in the end, lost with a score of 18-6 receiving second place.

“Powderpuff was and has been such a fun experience. I hate that the outcome couldn’t have been different for our senior year. Those girls always have my back I love my grade and there is no one else I would rather be on the field with then my girls!” Madison Long said.

The juniors sadly took a hard hit this year losing against every team they faced. All the team members had a great time although they wish they could have won. The class of 2018  is prepared to come back next year, ready to win the whole thing.

“I enjoyed playing; [I] just wish I would have known a little earlier what day the game was so my team and I could’ve practiced more and been better prepared, but I love how intense the games get. It really was just the perfect way to kick off spirit week!” Gabi Wilson said.

Next was the sophomores, the complete underdogs. Every year the seniors are expected to win the first place title, but all that changed this year. Key player Makayla Kimble was outstanding on the field with help from Aubrey Griffin, taking home the win for the 2016 powderpuff games.

“It was most definitely the best event on homecoming week. I had so much fun with my classmates beating the seniors,” Makayla Kimble said.

Sophomore team before their victory. Photo cred:jgunter

Last, but not least, the freshmen, coming in third place, fought a good fight for the new ones around town. Freshman, Alonna Solomon, was on fire all night long, surprising everyone with her running abilities and aggressiveness.

“I think powderpuff was a fun experience. Powderpuff is very fun and exciting and just challenging and up beat game. I can’t wait to play in powderpuff next year!” Solomon said.

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