Making history

185  213 206by Kaleb Bowen, Abby Brooks and Mary Beth Brock, staff writers

In a combined time of 90 years, the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians have finally made the World Series. The first game of the series took place on Tuesday Oct.24. The game opening pitch was thrown by Jon Lester of the Cubs. The Indians didn’t wait to capitalize on his off game, scoring two in the first inning. Francisco Lindor and Mike Nappali scored the first two runs for the Indians in the World Series since 1997.

“It’s a huge year for Cleveland. LeBron got his last year and now it’s time for the Indians to get theirs,” Nate Reitz, sophomore, commented.

Reitz poses for a quick pic sporting his Indian attire.

The Indians didn’t let up. They scored four more runs over the course of the nine innings. Cubs and Indian fans are looking for this to be the best series yet. They have been waiting in this drought and now it’s time for someone to prevail. So, who you got #Villagenation? Cubs or Indians?


Please note: Since writing this article, the series has changed. The Cubs and Indians are now tied 1-1.

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