Studying Abroad

by Bailee Ku, Mac Humphrey and Vicky Yan, staff writers 

198 225 200

Study abroad: those two words evoke daydreams of exotic lands and meeting loads of fascinating people, with a strong undercurrent of fantasy involved. Many consider studying abroad to be a crazy dream, something that would never happen. Some common misconceptions about studying abroad are that it is extremely expensive, only for language or international relations majors and requires putting a pause on studies. On the contrary, studying abroad with direct enrollment can even be less expensive than a regular semester, and there are hundreds of scholarships offered by universities and other sponsors. Having amazing experiences is neither limited by major nor a danger to graduation. As long as students choose carefully and guarantee that their credits transfer, one can graduate on time or even earlier than expected. Of course, studying abroad is not all glamorous. Homesickness, language barriers and culture shock are bound to happen. Weigh the options and consider everything before deciding.

Last week, a survey was conducted involving the senior class, asking them if they would be interested in studying abroad in the future, or maybe even living more permanently in a foreign place. The following graphs are the results.



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