Opinion: first year at Village

by Dae Dae Simmons, staff writer 180

This year’s football season has really had its up’s and downs. From us being ranked with the public high schools in Cumberland County and going on a four game winning streak, to going on a four game losing streak. But I wouldn’t want to go back and change how things happened. It was a stressful decision for me to come to Village this past summer.  At the time I was attending Trinity Christian across town and I really didn’t want to leave my friends because I had grown up with all of them. But, I knew it was ok for me to make a change. The biggest reason I came to Village was because of Coach Stone. He is a really good guy and he looks out for me all the time and I appreciate him. Because of his efforts I’m getting more interest from colleges and I’m highly grateful for that.

Even though our record is 6-5, I still feel like the team has the talent to win a state championship. I wouldn’t trade my team for anything, we all get along with each other and we have a good time together. When I came to the first practice, they welcomed me with open arms and that’s what made me feel better about my decision to attend Village. Everybody on the team felt like I could be a huge help and lead them to more victories than the school has had in the past. As we got to know each other a little bit more, we started to bond and trust each other more and became a brotherhood.  

As we travel to Statesville on Friday to play  in the State Championship, we have to form that brotherhood and fight together to upset the nonbelievers who thought we would not succeed. I’m sad that the season it almost over but I don’t plan on ending it empty handed.

Simmons in 2nd round playoff action.  PC: KPait


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