by Bailee Ku, staff writer 198

On October 27, Twitter announced that they would be killing Vine “in the coming months.” However, do not fear! Despite the discontinuation of the mobile app, the website will remain online. Team Vine and Twitter have assured the internet that old Vines will not be deleted and that nothing is happening right away. Launched in early 2013, the app was interesting and innovative, quickly gaining popularity.

“It’s kind of like a mix of Snapchat and YouTube in a way. I think it was a different and creative way of making short videos,” Daniel Israel said, when asked for his thoughts about the app.

“I loved it – easy to use. I also like how the Vines were six seconds long, short and sweet,” Tommie Nobles said.

Due to competition from Instagram, which now allows longer, 60-second videos to be posted, and the rise of Snapchat, Vine is not as explosive as before. Many people have deleted the app, opting to simply watch Vines through Twitter or YouTube.

“I used to watch them all the time, then I kind of got rid of the app [and] just watched them through other social media,” Anna Grace Bowles said, concerning the app’s popularity.

“I would watch a weekly compilation of them on YouTube,” Nathan Pait said.

#RIPVine trended on Twitter after the announcement. There have been rumors that Twitter may sell Vine, instead of killing it. Supposedly, the pool of potential buyers has been narrowed to five, says TechCrunch, though they did not cite sources.

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