Veterans Day Chapel

by: Jordyn Stanley, Haley Danis and Maddie Mehegan, staff writers

The 2016 Veterans Day Chapel, was unique to previous years as there wasn’t the guest appearance from 82nd Airborne Choir, though it still showed dedication to those who served.  

High school students present flags of the military branches. PC: JGunter

The guest speaker, MSG Sam Rodriguez,  shared his story and the events he struggled with throughout his years of serving. He also expressed his appreciation and love, thanking the students for his support over the years. Losing his wife to cancer took a toll on him, his family and the school because she was so dear to Village when she worked here as a teacher.

MSG Rodriguez sharing his life story. PC: JGunter

Mrs.Spooners Tk1 class participated in the Veterans Day Chapel by holding the flags and the bible during the pledges and prayer.

TK1 students leading the pledges. PC: JGunter

Guest singers Shawna O’briant and Chris Ferger kicked off the chapel by singing songs that symbolize America’s love for the ones who fight for our freedom.  As people sang along with them, the crowd began to rise in honor and joy.

Mr. Ferger and Mrs. O’briant share a military tribute in song. PC: JGunter

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