Winter Madness

By Dakari Johnson, Dae Dae Simons and Tyler Bineham, staff writers


Inspired by the UNC basketball team and its annual “Late Night with Roy,” winter madness was held on Nov. 8 to kick off the basketball season. The night consisted of two inter-team scrimmages by the girls and boys varsity team basketball teams, staff vs. seniors pickup game, a halftime 3-point contest as well as well as a school wide gam180e of knockout.

In the first game, varsity girls split into two teams, purple vs. white. A close game, team white came out on top with a 33-30 victory.  Leading the way for the team white was Samantha Spooner187, assisting team white to play like a cohesive unit.

During halftime of the girls game, a knockout game was held. In the end, fourth grade sharpshooter Logan Stafford took the title of knockout champion.

The next game played was the students versus the staff. The youthful students were favorites to win the game, however, the staff came out strong, destroying the students with Coach Darden leading the way.

The final game of the night was a showcase game between the varsity boys basketball team. After a back and forth game, team purple won for the varsity boys 64-60. Dakari Johnson led the way for team purple in the very competitive game, while everybody worked together.


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