the virus at Village


by Sarah Grim, editor

It’s in the air. Everywhere you look it seems that somebody has it, based on their drooping eyes and desperate expression. Nearly unavoidable, senioritis is hitting us hard at this time of year.

Some of the common symptoms include but are not limited to:

  1. Headache: from over-caffeinating and over-thinking the next year of your life
  2. Fatigue: often caused from staying up late doing homework or carefully avoiding it through Netflix
  3. Wet eyeballs: usually paired with a runny nose and a sense of terror
  4. Closed throat: most frequently, when people ask what college you are going to attend and what you want to major in
  5. Low energy: to study for any upcoming tests or quizzes
  6. Nausea: when you see college application deadlines and SAT or ACT dates
  7. Nostalgia: living vicariously through your adorable and carefree kindergartener
  8. Sensitivity: triggered by loud underclassmen

Treatment options that may best suit you:

  1. Plan ahead by the week, but don’t think too much about the distant future
  2. Focus on the fact that weekends are never more than five days away
  3. Split your time appropriately for work and relaxation
  4. Sleep every once in a while
  5. Never drink more than three cups of coffee in one day, and cut yourself off a couple hours before bed
  6. Enjoy senior year activities
  7. Keep busy enough to not mull over your impending doom too frequently
  8. Repeat after me: “Just one more semester. I will not drop out. Graduation is not that far away.”

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