How do you feel about Christmas?

by staff writers: Dakari Johnson, Jordyn Stanley , Tyler Bineham, Emma Dudak

Christmas time is upon us with all the exciting decorations, cheers and joy. Everyone seems excited to know Christmas is around the corner. Christmas is a time to give and celebrate the birth of Jesus. So what exactly do village students think of Christmas?

“Christmas is a great time to fellowship and give presents to those who won’t be able to afford them,” Omari Wilson said.

Christmas also provides a great opportunity to spend meaningful time with loved ones. It is also a perfect time to make memories and carry on many years of traditions.  Spending time with loved ones is one of the most important things when it comes to this time of year. Although, gifts play a big role in Christmas, the main purpose for this season is to celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.  

“I think it is an important time to spend with family and friends I always look forward to our Christmas traditions and memories we make, I enjoy getting presents but I have to remind myself the reason for the season,” Madison Long said.

“Christmas shouldn’t be something that you just celebrate once a year, it should be something that we remember every day because Jesus is so great,” Jocelyn Cayton said.

This time of year is for spreading love and forgiveness and from time to time people seem to forget the real meaning behind it. Jesus Christ took the ultimate sacrifice for all of our sins; death, and as Christians we should spend this holiday season showing the love and forgiveness Jesus would want us to.

Never forget the honest meaning behind the holiday we call Christmas. The birth of Jesus should not only be celebrated during this season but every day that God allows us to wake up. We are his disciples and should spread his word no matter the time of year.  

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