No exams for midterms?

by staff writers: Mac Humphrey, Vicky Yan and Bailee Ku

Among the many new changes that have been implemented this year, one in particular will come into effect soon. There will be no midterms or final exams for high school electives.

The idea began with discussion between teachers at staff meetings. Principal Mehegan then wrote up a proposal for the school board, which was approved after some deliberation.

When interviewed about their opinions concerning the change, the staff had mixed opinions, as with all changes that come. In the past, some teachers used the opportunity to invent creative assignments, like the forensics midterm. Shon McAteer, the forensics teacher, required her students to compose and present a Christmas short story. McAteer revealed that she would miss hearing the different stories from her students. Other elective teachers like Mrs. Gunter have simply renamed their midterms as project grades.

However, according to Principal Shawn Mehegan, the overwhelming majority of teachers agreed that it would be more beneficial to allow students to focus on their core classes. Dr. Gene Hales stressed that the change was to help the students excel and be the best students possible.  

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