Tough loss for varsity boys

by staff writer: Mary Beth Brock

It was an unexpected loss for the varsity basketball team this past Monday. So what happened? The boys took on Word of God Christian Academy and suffered a 101-90 loss. This is the team’s first loss of the season and came as a shock to students and fans.

Guard, Omari Wilson, weighed in on what happened, “It wasn’t our fault. We were very tired because our bench didn’t play at all.”

Other players on the team, DJ Whitfield and Nas Daniels, commented that Word of God had two very good key players that really helped their team out.  

Senior Nas Daniels goes up for a tip in a recent game. Photo Cred: KPait

“Their point guard Blake Harris played really good. He had 38 points and 15 assists,” Whitfield remarked.

The other key player for the Holy Rams was their big man at center. He had a total of 25 points and a lot of those were dunks.  Members of the team said that after this loss, they realized they need to work on their defense and everybody needs to step up their game.

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