Senior Mission Trip

By: Mary Beth Brock and Haley Danis, staff writers 

Every year, the senior class goes on a mission trip out of the country, to spread the Word of God and to change lives for the better. This year the class is going to Costa Rica for the first time.

“We take a vote on five or six places each year and Costa Rica happened to be the pick out of Israel, Canada, Chili and Venezuela,” Mr. Harkness, head of the trip, commented.

Mr.Harkness showing his “serious” side.

This opportunity is a very special thing, especially for new students like Aaron Turner and Omari Wilson, who both came from public schools that didn’t offer a trip like this. Both say they are very excited to go and learn about different cultures.

“Yeah, I am very excited to go and meet new people, eat different kinds of food interact with people in my grade that I usually don’t talk to,” Wilson remarked.

On the other hand, the students who have been here their whole lives have been looking forward to this trip for many years. Caleb Russell is no different.

“I have been attending [Village] for 14 years of my life and this trip is always something I have looked forward to,” Russell stated.

The biggest thing to take away from this, or any mission trip, is the importance of spreading God’s word, through connecting with people across the world. It’s the time to step away from their comfort zone and touch people’s lives.

“The thing I hope to gain most is getting closer to God, which is something I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do in public school,” Turner said.

The seniors will be in Costa Rica from February 24 – March 6.

Everybody please say a prayer for them.

Note: This article will resume after the seniors return.

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