Biker Shuffle

by Haley Danis

Recently, Village held a winter sports pep rally ending in a dance called “the Biker Shuffle”. The Vick siblings, Cassney and her brother Micah Vick danced together along with the JV and Varsity cheerleaders and many other younger students.

Being the only high school student other than the cheerleaders on the floor dancing, Vick wasn’t nervous because she was dancing away with her brother in front of the whole school.

“I wasn’t nervous because both me and my brother knew the dance well enough to perform it,” Vick stated.

Learning a dance may be hard, but not for the Vick family. Both siblings dance and sing all the time together. She explained that her family members always teach them new dances and they always have fun together at family gatherings. There are many other dances the Vick siblings know like The Electric Slide, The Wing with It, and The Biker Shuffle.

Although this Pep Rally was fun, it could have used a little more “pep”.

Introducing the Knightline Top 10 list for a future pep rally.

  1. 3-point shoot out
  2. Tumble contest
  3. Each grade makes up a cheer
  4. High school dodge ball
  5. Basketball musical chairs
  6. Crowd giveaways
  7. Team captains should announce names
  8. Each grade does a banner/ poster
  9. Knight needs to be at pep rally
  10. Loudest grade gets a free dress down day


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