Taking a title

by Emma Dudak, sports writer

Feb 9 marked the end of a season for the knights’ first undefeated middle school boys team. This past season was a big deal for the eighth graders since they were finally able it make it 20-0.

“Since we never were undefeatable in 6th and 7th grade, it felt great to finally make it to the top.” 8th grader, Matt Dawson, said.

It was a game full of action and intensity that made the entire audience sit at the edge of their seats. The scores were very close, but Village was always a few points ahead. Tolu Adeyemi, a player on the team, was known as the MVP for being the best defense during the game.

“Tolu has always been a great player on the team, but I have never seen him move so fast in my entire life”, Gavin Wilkerson stated.

After the boys won 43-40 against Freedom Christian, they received a trophy and medals. The team then cut off pieces of the basketball net one by one to remember their first year of being an undefeated team. It was a very exciting moment not only for the team, but for all the parents and coaches, too. Zach Russell, the head coach for the team, was not only happy because the boys are champions, but because they constantly improved throughout the season.

“I was finally happy because they made their free-throws”, Russell said. “Even though they weren’t perfect, they were always champions.”

This entire middle school season was on a rollercoaster that was only going up. This team will never be forgotten. These boys will go down in VCA history.


Adeyemi after the game.
Adding more buckets.

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