Headed to Dean Dome

by Dakari Johnson, sports writer (and awesome baller)

February 11 Village traveled a little under two hours to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Dean Dome to compete against the Tarheel JV team. It was a great experience for the varsity team to be able to play in the Dean Dome.

Although the Knights lost 96-101,  they fought hard and kept the game competetive. While on the court and in the large Dean Dome,  you could tell the varsity boys were having a good time playing against college athletes.

“It was cool watching Village play on a college court and it was exciting to see them compete and come close to winning,” Chloe McGlown said about the game.

Many Village fans traveled  to Chapel hill to support the boys in their game against the UNC JV team. Fans cheered for the Knights and ultimately and gave a standing ovation as players left the area at the end of the game.

When asked about the player experience, “It was fun and exciting and there aren’t many people that will ever experience that feeling it their life time,” Jordan Ratliffe said.  Ratliffe looks forward to another opportunity to shoot hoops at the famous Dean Dome. 

Haymer shooting free throws in the dome. PC: Kevin Pait

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