Senior Mission Trip to Costa Rica

by: Sarah Grim, editor

“Going to Costa Rica was an eye-opening experience and God was shown in many ways. I hope the class of 2018 has the same opportunity as we did.” Karsen Walker (left)
“The impact we made on the people of Heredia, surely made an impact on my life as well.” Eric Ingraham (above)
“I feel so blessed to have been given the opportunity to chaperone the mission trip. I continue to be amazed at the talent and leadership that so many of our seniors showed before, during and after our journey to Costa Rica. My hope is that this senior class continues to show God’s love, not only to others, but to each other as they complete their journey at Village.” Jill Gunter (bottom, middle)


“The mission trip was definitely something one has to experience to understand. There’s no statement that can accurately describe the feeling I had while I was there with my class, but there was just always unity and immense love coming from everyone. I learned things about everyone else that I never knew and even things I, myself hadn’t realized until I went on the trip.” Jenny Ngo (middle in white shirt)
“A major part of the senior class mission trip became the unexpected relationships that were formed. In an unfamiliar environment, classmates who have spent most of high school together grew closer as people began to recognize similarities that they shared and common struggles they had gone through. At times on the trip when we were vulnerable, God came in and stitched us together. Now we have a bond that can’t be broken, and a love that has to be shared.” Sarah Grim (front, right)


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