A KOT success!

by Maddie Mehegan, staff writer

Many exciting things have been happening in the Kastle lately. One being Village’s very first talent show, the Knight of Talent. Sat, March 18, students from all over campus had the opportunity to shine under the spotlight and showcase their talent in front of three judges, emcee, Don Chase, and most importantly, friends and family.

The show helped raise money for new technology equipment for the school with the money raised from votes and entrance fees. The entrance fee to sit on the bleachers was $10 per person, unless you had already payed for a table, where you paid a higher price and were served a meal and dessert. Audience members could pay $1 per vote, voting as many times as they wanted for as many acts as they wanted. By the end of the night, there would be first, second, and third place winners depending on the amount of votes each act received. 

Students from all over campus performed their talents in front of the audience, amazing everyone each time. Singing, dancing and different skills were performed by several of our talented students at Village.

The final votes were announced putting junior, Olivia Spain’s stunning performance of her very own song in third place. Third grader, Jadon Gates won second and senior, Nathan Pait along with third grader, Nolan Pait took first place. 

Senior, Nathan Pait and third grader, Nolan Pait perfrom Lecrae’s “Don’t Want to Waste your Life”.

Third place winner, Olivia Spain, a junior at Village shared her positive thoughts on the show. “I think that the Knight of Talent was a very successful fundraiser that will serve the school both now and in the future”, Spain explained.

Junior, Olivia Spain glorified the Lord by singing her very own song.

By the end of the night, the talent show had raised an approximate total of $19,000 including both entrance and voting fees. The night was a success and gave students the opportunity to not only shine in the spotlight, but also glorify the Lord with their different talents.

Junior,  Tiffany Alexander shows off her dance moves with her dance partner.
Village’s Mime Team wows the audience as they dance to Travis Greene’s, “The Hill”.


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