Midwest Region

By Ryan Helms, sports writer

In the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, sixty-four teams are chosen to be put into a national championship bracket. These sixty-four teams are split into four regions: East, Midwest, South, and West. In each region there are sixteen teams, and those teams are seeded one to sixteen. The tournament is single elimination with the winner moving on to the next round of the tournament until there is only one champion. This year’s tournament takes place between March through April in various locations depending on the region.

This article will focus on the Midwest Region, and how it played out through the first two rounds. The venues for the first two rounds of the Midwest region were Tulsa, Milwaukee, Sacramento, Indianapolis. The sixteen teams in this region are Kansas (1), Louisville (2), Oregon (3), Purdue (4), Iowa St. (5), Creighton (6), Michigan (7), Miami (8), Michigan St. (9), Oklahoma St. (10), Rhode Island (11), Nevada (12), Vermont (13), Iona (14), Jacksonville St. (15), UC Davis (16).

In the first round there were some exciting games to watch if you are a huge fan of basketball. All the top five seed teams were very strong in the round and each team won by ten or more. That was not the case for 6th seed Creighton who was steam rolled by 11th seed Rhode Island. The second round for the Midwest was far more exciting with close nail biter games and another huge upset. Oregon and Purdue won close games with each team winning by less than five points. Michigan pulled off the huge upset over 2nd seed Louisville with a final score of 73-69. These two rounds have been astonishing and foreshadow an even greater Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight for the race to the Final Four.

{ABOUT MY BRACKET}  Before the tournament started, I decided to do my own March Madness bracket. Going into it I felt really confident and thought I was going to do great, but after these two crazy rounds my bracket has fallen to shambles. There are losses all across the board and my championship winner fell as well in the second round. For the Midwest the downside was the Elite Eight team Iowa St. losing, and Rhode Island losing to Oregon in the second round. In addition, Vermont and Miami went down in the first round. The only great thing about my bracket was that I guessed the Michigan upset over Louisville correctly.

Ryan's Bracket

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