Mission Trip, Changed Lives

by Mary Beth Brock and Haley Danis

As they headed to Costa Rica, many students were overwhelmed with excitement of being able to experience a new environment and many different people.  A mission trip is supposed to bring students closer to God and bring others to know God, which happened in many different ways while village students were in Costa Rica. Many students have changed for the better on this mission trip.

“I got closer with people in my senior class that I didn’t expect to and I met many new people that I can always go back to visit,” explained Caleb Russell  

Going from a large, thriving cities to inner city Heredia made students realize how lucky they are. Students explained how the citizens in Costa Rica have to work harder because of the conditions they live in.

“I realized how hard I should work and how grateful I should be because they don’t complain about the things we complain about. I should work hard because they have to work hard.” Omari Wilson commented.

As the students came back from Costa Rica they thought about all of the things God had done on the trip. For Aaron Turner it helped him get closer with his class and with people in Costa Rica. The trip made his walk with God stronger.

“I met a local pastor down in Costa Rica and he was very humble and was very servant like. He taught me the importance of blessing and giving blessings,” Aaron Turner remarked.

Going anywhere different than what you are used to can be a difficult thing. It forces you to break out of your comfort zone and learns new things about yourself and others. The lesson these seniors took from Costa Rica will be with them for a lifetime.  

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