Senior Spotlight: Billy Kanos

by Maddie Mehegan, staff writer

Although it’s very hard to believe, the school year has almost come to an end and that means another graduating class is ready to move on into a world outside of high school. For some students, Village is a new home. But for others, it is the only school they have ever known. This is the case for senior, Billy Kanos, who has been a student at Village since he was in preschool. In the fall, he will be attending UNC Chapel Hill, no longer living as a Knight, but as a Tar Heel.

Kanos’ senior year was a great one and he made many memories that brought his class together before graduating. Although he’s sad to see it all come to an end, UNC is where he has always wanted to go to school and he’s looking forward to being able to spend every day there.

“I’m also looking forward to experiencing all that I have looked forward to throughout the years from the sports to the campus and everyone there”, Kanos explained.

While he is looking forward to many new things that are waiting for him at Chapel Hill, Kanos says he is going to miss the people at Village the most. Being there since preschool has allowed him to develop relationships he wouldn’t have experienced anywhere else. He clarified that even the people he didn’t really get to know played a part in making his Village experience what it has been.

Growing up at Village, Kanos made many special memories. His favorite is the senior mission trip to Costa Rica.

“To see our class come together like we did and see God working in so many people’s lives was a great experience”, Kanos said.

As Kanos leaves Village Christian Academy, he reflects on the impact that being here has made on him throughout the years.

“Village has taught me the importance of the people in your life that make an impact on you and the importance of education. It has taught me to keep God at the center of it all”, Kanos explained.

Village has prepared not only Billy, but other seniors to go out into the world beyond Village.

Billy Kanos at Fenway Park catching his favorite past time. PC: Instagram

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