Senior Spotlight: Romi Youn

As the school year is coming to a close, the senior class begins to reflect on their time here at Village. From all of the late night studying, last minute homework in the mornings and 6 a.m. alarms, they have made it to the end of high school.

“It is very strange to think that I’m done with high school, I mean I’ve been here my whole life,” Romi Youn, senior commented.

Youn has been here since kindergarten and has gotten to experience many things Village has to offer. She says the school has impacted her life, in the way that, she is a better person because she attends here. Even from the beginning of senior year, Youn says she has more of a positive outlook on things.

“Village made me the person I am today,” Youn remarked.

When asked what her favorite memory was, Youn could only recall Mrs. Mathias, her freshman to junior year choir teacher. Youn says she’s somewhere in the middle when asked if she’s ready to say goodbye to Village. Although she is excited to attend UNC-Charlotte in the fall and experience new friends and a new environment, leaving the school you grew up in will be challenging. She is not sure about her feelings toward going to college but is still excited all the same.

Senior Romi Youn reminisces about her last year. PC: Mary Beth Brock 

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