Senior Spotlight: Sam Spooner

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Senior Samantha Spooner poses for her last prom at Village. PC: Michelle Pait

by Haley Danis, staff writer

As senior year is coming to an end, the reality is that the year didn’t happen the way some seniors thought it would. Memories will spill as graduation gets closer and closer for many people. Over the year the seniors have changed for the better and have become family. Leaving a school, you have been at all your life can be hard.

“I’m going to miss Village, it has been my home since pre-k, but I’m excited about college and starting a new chapter,” Samantha Spooner commented.

Senior year never goes as planned for anyone. Things change and get moved around as senior year approaches and the year goes by in a blink of an eye. Students realize reality is about to set in and change drastically after your high school career closes and opens to a new chapter in the real world. People expect things to happen and go as planned but God always knows what he has in store for you. Spooner had expected senior year to be a lot more stressful thankfully it wasn’t but her short schedule helped out majorly.

“I had been told before that senior year flies by, but I didn’t think it would go by as fast as it did,” Spooner explained.

By the end of the year most of the seniors have experienced senioritis more than once. Spooner’s seniorities set in at the end of junior year but it hit her really hard after the mission trip.

As senior year is closing Spooner is now thinking about summer and attending Methodist with an offer of playing volleyball. During the summer she will be lifeguarding out on base and on her off days she will be catching some rays at the beach.

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