The annual yet supervised prank

Senior prank day is a day most high schools have. The point of the day is to make everything hard for the remaining classes. Seniors want to do the most ridiculous things to make it more remember able.

The senior class of 2017 did not fail to do some pretty odd and ridiculous things. Putting fish in cups and placing them in the stairwell was definitely a trick to remember. Unfortunately, all fish died but one and Mrs. Spires is the new proud owner. The tires on the roof were pretty odd as well. The underclassmen didn’t really get the tires just sitting on the roof, but thought it was funny anyways.

Some of the classrooms were set up in scenes. Mrs. Poulos’ room was beach themed, Mrs. Cockman’s was set up as the Mexican-American border and Mr. Keebler’s room had a medieval cage. The other classrooms were just dismembered with the desks all over the place. The hallways and stairwells were messy with fishing line crossing the floor so underclassmen would get tangled up.

New this year, the prank was supervised by high school principal, Mr. Mehegan.  Students were disappointed to not have free reign of the buildings but most understood his presence.

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