Newcomers to the game

by Braden Simmons

Under the lights on Oct 3,  the class of 2021 walked out onto the football field feeling confident and ready to play.  What the freshmen didn’t expect was that all the other grades wanted to win more than they did.

The freshmen girls had been given very few opportunities to prepare. When asked how they had prepared going into the game Coach Matthew Dawson said, “We’ve practiced a lot on getting our receivers open but if none of them seem open I’ve just told our Quarterback to run it up the field and go for the score.”

Coach Matt Dawson offers advice on play calls and play action to the representatives of the freshmen class.  Photo Credit: Brandon Gates

When asked what he thought of his team Dawson responded with, “I think our team is definitely at a disadvantage in size and number but I think we have speed on our side because of our size so we’re going to use it to our advantage.”

The freshmen and seniors battle it out under the lights during first game Powderpuff action. Picture Credit: Brandon Gates

The freshmen first played the seniors and the youngest had a tough time competing with the small amount of practice time they were given.  Executing the routes and plays they were given seemed difficult. Ultimately the freshmen could not beat the seniors and lost their first game 18 to zero.

Alana Solomon runs away from the freshmen in the 18-6 route of the class of 2021. Photo Credit: Brandon Gates

The next challenge for the freshmen was the sophomore class. They had time to prepare themselves before the next game and reviewed plays on the softball diamond.  Unfortunately, the freshmen met their match in the sophomore class and were eliminated with a score of 18-6.

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