HOCO lunch goes to the games

by Kaleb Bowen and Carson Young

Video credit: Kaleb Bowen and Jill Gunter

Oct 3, the junior class and the senior class tied the pie eating contest with 49 jolly ranchers each. The freshmen finished in second place and the sophomores finished in last place with only one Jolly Rancher found.

The senior class won the sack race while the sophomores finished in second. The freshmen rallied to finish third.  Unfortunately the junior class was disqualified for failing to follow directions.  In other words, they didn’t zip the sleeping bag.

Oct 5 the senior Class won the hoop game and the juniors finished in second place. The freshmen continued to receive third place about much effort.  The sophomores still couldn’t get a plan together and landed in fourth place.

For Disney Character Day, the game was Disney music trivia.  The senior class showed their Disney movie knowledge by again taking first place.  The sophomore class came in second with only one correct answer and the freshmen and juniors both finished in third with no correct answers.

The final day,  the senior class boys and girls won the tug of war competition during the pep rally. The junior class boys and girls finished second, sophomore class boys and girls finished in 3rd and the freshmen class boys and girls finished in last.



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