Out of the rabbit hole

by Syleste Chiomento and Bryce Neier

On October 6 at the Kastle, Village upperclassman participated in a float contest for HOCO’17.

Working with an overall theme of Disney, the ninth grade class was inspired by the movie “Toy Story” while the tenth grade decided to be “Brave”.  The junior class tried to float away with “Up”.  For their final parade, the seniors dressed in full “Alice in Wonderland” gear including the rabbit and cat.

“The float was designed greatly, I thought ours was the best. We put a lot of time into our float and our float showed that”said eleventh grader Bryce Pfuntner when asked what he thought of his grade’s float.

The results of the float contest were seniors coming in first, the sophomores settling for second, freshman in third, and juniors taking a shocking last place finish.

The junior class tried to go up, up and away. Picture Credit: Syleste Chiomento
Vibrant color was a theme from the senior class. Photo cred: Syleste Chiomento
Did the freshmen actually leave toys behind? Photo cred: Syleste Chiomento
The sophomore class took aim at “Brave”. Photo cred: Syleste Chiomento

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