In the games

Mikhail Stephenson, Staff Writer

Spirit Week has passed and with its departure comes the arrival of routine school days, tiresome homework and mind-numbing lessons. We are left with pleasant memories of Spirit Week and its events such as the tug of war, the parades, the themes and more.

What really makes Spirit Week great is its games that are done at lunch. They serve as an entertaining spectacle and a way to show the skills and superiority of each grade. With that being said, here are the best Spirit Week games.

Tuesday’s game featured the “Sleeping Bag Sprint”, where each grade had three representatives compete to race in a sleeping bag across a section of the gym floor, around a cone, and back to where the team started. Whoever had all of their members complete the race first won. The results of the competition had the seniors in the lead with the juniors in second, the freshman in third and the sophomores in a pitiful fourth place. A sophomore who was in the audience yelled at his competing peers to come and muttered under his breath that they couldn’t even get in to the bag.

Thursday’s game was “Guess That Disney Song!”. Each grade sent one person who they thought was skilled in the art of song guessing as their representative to bring them to victory. For the freshmen, Bayli Sykes, for the sophomores, Caroline Hurley, the juniors with Sydney Morris and the seniors with Allison Cales. As the game started, it seemed it could be anybody’s game but it became clear that the seniors would take home the win. The results were the seniors winning, the juniors in second, the sophomores in third and the freshman in fourth.

IMG_6195 (1)
Representatives are scribbling answers down to earn points for their grade. Photo Cred: Excalibur Staff

The last Spirit Week game was “Best Dress” on Friday. Each grade had at least two people who had put creativity and effort into their theme costumes sent to compete. For the freshman, Kailey Hale and Matt Dawson, for the sophomores, Madison Swanson and Adam Wright, for the juniors, Victoria Davis and Bryce Pfuntner, and for the seniors, Robby Fensom and Emily Kolasheski. Ultimately the juniors took first, sophomores claimed second and the seniors managed third place. The freshmen finished in last.

Sophomores Madison Swanson and Adam Wright showing their “school spirit” to win the contest. Photo Cred: Excalibur Staff

Overall, the Spirit Week games were great. “The Spirit Week games were pretty good in my book.” said Lee Wilson, sophomore.

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