Fayetteville Comic Con

staff writer, Emma McDonald

The 2017 Comic Con was held at the Crown Expo Center the weekend of October 21. Comic Con is the wonderland of comics, merchandise and more.

Comic Con isn’t just about comics, it’s also about the wonder of cosplay and allowing people to buy merchandise from their favorite shows, comics, or movies.

There were many stands where you could buy a variety of merchandise and items from a multitude of fandoms. Vendors sold comics, pins, stuffed animals, wearable items and candy along with multiple other items. In the matter of minutes some Vendors were sold out of certain popular items, such as keychains from “Avengers” and, a Netflix original, “Voltron.”
There were also panels that attendees could attend throughout the weekend. During one event, a fan could meet some of the voice actors from the animated show “Dragon Ball Z.” In other panels attendees could meet actors from “The Walking Dead.”

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