Thoughts on Renweb

staff writer, Braden Simmons

Renweb is an app most students know very well here in the halls of Village. Most students at Village use Renweb to keep up with their grades, and to see what their homework is each night. However, there are many other features that are included on Renweb like being able to check your grades, see what you have for homework and to see what classes you have for the day. You can also check things posted by the school and your grades that you have gotten so far for the week.

Some students probably don’t use Renweb because they don’t want to pay the five dollars that it costs to download it. Some students wonder why the school has us using this instead of something else more efficient.

When asked how he felt about Renweb Chad Mitchell replied, “I think that Renweb has good intentions but is missing some key features like maybe a teacher messenger so you can message teachers about questions.”

However, Renweb is not only used by students, parents are also able to use Renweb to monitor their child’s grades and see what the school has posted for the month.

When asked how she feels about how Renweb helps her keep up with the school and her child’s grades, Kimberlee Simmons says “I think that Renweb is a great tool to use however I do think that the price to download it onto your phone is a little overpriced.”

A teacher perspective on Renweb may be different. When asked what she thinks of Renweb, Mrs. Harkness said “I think that Renweb is a great app but unfortunately it does not always post notifications for my students when I put it on there.” 

Tell us what you think of the Renweb app by commenting below.  We would love to hear your thoughts.

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