Playoff Chaos

by Asa Barnes, staff writer

The playoff committee  selected the four teams that would compete for the championship in the College Football Playoffs.

Clemson(12-1), Oklahoma(12-1) and Georgia(12-1), all winners of their conference championship game, were already presumed to be playoff bound.  Controversy arose with the fourth selection.

With the fourth selection the committee chose to place Alabama(11-1) in the slot over Ohio State (11-2), even though Ohio State won their conference championship game and Alabama didn’t even get to participate in a conference championship match up.

Kirby Hocutt, head of the playoff committee had this to say about the choice. “Here is why the committee ranked Alabama at No. 4. Alabama has one loss, and it was on the road to now No. 7 Auburn. Ohio State has two losses, one by 15 points at home to Oklahoma, and the other more damaging by 31 points at unranked Iowa. Alabama is superior in just about every statistical category that we think are important. For example, they are No. 1 or No. 2 in every key defensive category.”   

There are many people, especially on social media, who believe that Alabama shouldn’t be in the playoffs for a variety of reasons.

One reason is that these posters don’t believe that two teams from the same conference should be in the playoffs together. With Georgia being the number 3 seed in the playoffs and the winner of the SEC conference they feel like they should be the lone SEC team.


A second thought  is that Alabama had one of the weakest strength of schedules seen from a playoff team in a while. A large majority of tweeters use arguments saying that Alabama hasn’t played a significant match up all year. This seems to be the belief of a lot of the social media world. When Alabama finally played a top ten team Auburn, with 3 losses, physically out matched the Alabama offense and defense.


Catch the College Football Playoffs on Jan 1 as Alabama takes on Clemson in the Sugar Bowl and Georgia battles Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl.

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