High and low of Christmas break

written by Haley Danis, staff writer

Sydney Morris (11) went to Disney World for the 3rd time over her Christmas break of 2017 with her parents, two brothers and her niece. Morris explored many parks during her adventure with her family as they spent time together. The park that stood out the most to Morris was Hollywood Studios because of Disney’s Drop Tower and Rock N Roller Coaster.

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“The food was a big highlight of the trip for me. Liberty Tavern was the best food my family and I had during our trip to Disney World. We mostly ate “family style” meals which were very tasty and made us feel that we were at home away from home.”  Morris mentioned.

Morris’s high and lows are very different from each other due to different climate changes. Her highs consist of going to Disney World in Florida with warm weather for the first time with both of her brothers and niece along with her parents, also being out of school an extra week due to snow and water problems at Village. Morris’s low point during Christmas break was coming back to the cold, snowy weather in Fayetteville and having to come back to school after such a long break.

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