Where did you go?

written by Braden Simmons, Staff Writer

When the thought of a break is put into the heads of students most are thrilled to be out of school to have some free time. Usually, the first thought to occur is where will you go on your break. Most people will probably go somewhere out of town, while others will probably stay in town. Whatever the case may be here, meaning Fayetteville, is where most people went during their Christmas break.

When asked where he went for Christmas, Kameron McKinney said, “I went to Texas for my Christmas break so I could see my family.” McKinney was asked what he did while in Texas and responded with, “ I really didn’t do too much I just enjoyed the time with my family and I went to see my brother’s job at his church.”


“ I went to Vermont because my parents wanted to go and we have some family there. While I was there I played floor hockey, I also did some Go-Karting, and I did some other things with my family.” Chad Mitchell said.

“ I stayed home for my Christmas break because my family wanted a reunion here in town instead of somewhere else. I didn’t really do much while I was at home except play video games, and wear my new boots.” Damian Peterson said.

These are just a few students stories of where they went for Christmas break. Comment below and let us know…where did you go for Christmas break?

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