Water crisis

On January  3, the first-day students at Village returned from Christmas break, there was already a 2-hour early release in place due to expected inclement weather. Early in the morning, a water pipe burst to cause students to be released at 10 am. The following days were filled with artic like weather causing the school to be closed for the rest of the week.

“The water situation didn’t really affect me at home because I have a well, but earlier that morning, I had brushed my teeth with the water at school. Due to the school closing, I was delayed from finishing my exams,” said Syleste Chiomento(11).”
ATTENTION: PWC water customers may be experiencing reduced water pressure throughout the system.  Crews are working to resolve the issue and PWC request customers reduce water use until further notice,” said PWC in a tweet on January 6. This caused a slight panic and a water boil advisory to be put in place. Due to this most restaurants were closed over the weekend and schools were closed on January 8. January 8 night the issue was resolved and normal routines started back Tuesday.

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