Tips to stick to a New Year’s Resolution

Staff Writer, Mikhail Stephenson

Fifteen year-old Patrick Kovac was tired of never sticking with his resolutions. Every year he tried to succeed but failed to reach any of his goals.“I felt hopeless and weak that I couldn’t do something so simple”, he said.  With 2018 here, people are creating resolutions to start fresh and eliminate bad habits from their life. Like every year though, people like Patrick just can’t seem to achieve their resolutions. According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. Don’t let that be you in this new year! Rise above your failures, overcome your struggles, stand at the pinnacle of the mountain you’ve been climbing! With these tips, you’ll be sure to make 2018 or any other year a success.

  1. Start small: Biting off more than you can chew is detrimental to trying to keep a  New Year’s Resolutions. You can’t slay a dragon with a wooden sword and a cardboard shield, neither can you expect to crush your bad habits through willpower alone. You’ll need a few small milestones under your belt before you can fully eliminate the problems in your life. Go slow and steady, adding more and more change after you’ve mastered your initial limit. For example, if you suck at studying, don’t give up. Instead, utilize breaks and make your studying time into segments instead of studying for long stretches of time and then forgetting everything you’ve just studied after you’re done.
  2. Have a support group: Everyone needs backup and taking down bad habits is not as easy as it seems to be. Unless you have the commitment, self-motivation, plan, and willpower, bad habits aren’t going to disappear without some work. Uprooting them by yourself might drain you and discourage you to continue on your journey to keep a resolution. Two heads are better than one and a three-stranded cord is not easily broken. With a group of great supporting friends, no obstacle can stand in your way.
  3. Reward yourself: Keeping a resolution and creating good habits isn’t easy. However, with incentives that nudge you towards your goal, you’ll be able to breeze through any problem you have and look back on the year with fondness. Using the right incentives is the tricky part. It’s easy to turn a reward for ourselves after succeeding into a mistake just by indulgence and misuse.
  4. Keep a journal: Chronicling your successes as well as your defeats will help you understand your weaknesses and give you motivation to continue towards your goal. Journal every day in the new year and write one sentence for the progress you’ve made. Write down your mistakes and analyze them to see where you went wrong. By analyzing your mistakes, you’ll be able to learn why and how you made them and you’ll be able to surpass your obstacles.

With all of these tips by your side, nothing will stand in your conquest of 2018. Good luck!

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