Win some and lose some

by Madison Gentle-Leigh, staff writer

Trinity Christian Academy is one of the biggest rivals for Village. The games are always packed and the crowds are always hyped. Village met Trinity on Jan 9 at the Kastle for multiple games.

The varsity girls game was not closely played. Both teams played extremely hard however the game was pretty tough for the Lady Knights. The girls team lost by less than 50 points with a score of 24-63.

“Although the game was pretty rough we still persevered and fought our way to the end” said Madison Swanson about the game on Tuesday night.

The varsity boys game started off extremely strong and scored ahead of Trinity for a little while. This game was neck-and-neck the entire time. There were multiple teams fouls at this game considering both teams were playing a little more aggressive than usual.

The home crowd was loud and supportive from the start. Trinity’s fan base did not disappoint and was vocal from the stands and had also unexpectedly gathered on the stage. Both sides were on their feet for the final minutes of the game. Ultimately Trinity pulled ahead for the win and a final score of 97-92.

Village will face Northwood Temple Academy on Jan 12 with games at 6:00 and 7:30.

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