Defy Fayetteville

by Peyton Miranda, staff writer

Defy Fayetteville is hands down the top new attraction in Fayetteville. After many delayed openings it opened and was ready for business on Dec. 9, and has been packed everyday since. The jump park has 35 trampolines including a stunt fall, foam pits, a zipline, etc.  

A main reason the park was so packed was because it opened right at the beginning of winter break.

“I really didn’t have a lot to do over break so Defy opened up at the perfect time it was so fun!” said sophomore Grace Wilson.

“I went to Defy about 2 or 3 times over break and the glow thing at night was by far my favorite thing.” said sophomore Anna Grace Bowles.  

Something Defy Fayetteville does that’s different from any other Defy is called Club Defy. Every night at 9 they close down the park for any kids under 15, and make it into a glow park for older kids/ adults. This attracts so many older kids who try to avoid all the little kids or cannot come during the day.

Here’s a tip before you defy…to avoid waiting in line, do your waiver online before you get there!  

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