Let it snow

by staff writer, Madison Gentle

On Jan 16 ,2018 in Fayetteville, NC we got snow! The forecast was set for days in advance, with all schools in Cumberland County being told that there would be no school on this day.

Snow was projected to come down earlier in the morning in the Fayetteville area. But, unfortunately the snow came later in the day, this meant that the sun would be going away and the snow would be able to turn into ice overnight. Since the snow turned into sleet there was also no school Jan 17 -18, which was favorable for those who love to sleep in.

In Fayetteville , at my home we received about two inches of snow. Other parts of Fayetteville didn’t get as much snow because of the direction the snow was coming from .While Cumberland county schools sent out a message on Thursday in the evening saying that there would be school and they would operate on a two-hour delay.Last week most high schoolers were taking their final exams to finish off the first semester.

Village still operated on a two-hour delay on Friday, Jan 19 while all other schools in Cumberland County would be canceled for the day due to hazardous road conditions. However from now on schools will most likely be operating off of regular schedule.

“I really loved that we got snow this year, near my house we got at least five inches. It was pretty cool.” said Aiyana Moore.

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“The snow North Carolina got this year was pretty extreme for where we live. This was the first time in three years that we got that much.” said Bre Baker.

Nonetheless, the entire east coast received an arctic blast.To the southeast, it seemed much worse , being that the south isn’t accustomed or prepared for inclement weather of this caliber. Most if not all counties in the southeast have been out of school for a number of days due to below freezing temperatures and chilling winds.

While both freezing rain and snow came down it was only able to stick due to forecast temperatures ranging from 79 to 39 degrees fahrenheit in Orlando FL last week. While in NC it ranged from 64 to 14 degrees fahrenheit . Lots of people brought out their shovels, sleds, and winter coats to snowboard down their sidewalks and to have snowball fights.


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