Missed school days

by Bryce Neier, staff writer

Heavy snow in Fayetteville,NC. pic credit Bryce Neier(11)

For the past couple weeks, Fayetteville, NC has been hit with some inclement weather. Because of this weather, Cumberland County schools have had to be closed for some time.

Village Christian Academy was closed for five and a half days because of this bad weather. Students enjoyed having the time off from school and many made snowmen with the flurries, but were not aware of the possibility of make up days. School officials are now looking at a day to use to make up these missed days.

“We are looking at the possibility of having to make up days” Mr.Tom Rider, Superintendent of Village, said.

Rider feels very confident that the teachers and students will work together to catch up on any work missed. Rider,coming from schools in Baltimore and Florida, is not new to the inclement weather closings.

In an email sent out January 24 Village students will now have to make up a day in March ,that was formerly a teacher work day, to make up for the missed days.


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